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11364 e Imperial Hwy


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Ignite the valley

Levi Romero

Doors open at 7pm the worship experience starts at 8pm..


We back it and it's gona be off the chartz like always..ages 18-30's come ready!


Child care provided..

4Year Anniversary for "ITV"

Levi Romero


Come join us for our "4year anniversary" with Pastor Nehemiah Gallardo! 

fellowship @7pm and our worship experience gets jumpin @ 8pm..

Its gona be crazy!! 


Crush @7pm (for Men only)

Levi Romero




This Friday "Ignite" will be having for the very 1st time "Crush" (for men only) It's a time to get together and grow through the Word. There will be a potluck going on so bring what you like to eat. We will be feed spiritually and physically! 

Don't forget to bring your answer to the question That Pastor Levi asked at our Wednesday meeting "if you had one day what would u do with it?"