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Recap | 4.25.14

Steve Estrada

One Hundred Series....Week 2

Armando Jaramillo

Armando Jaramillo


Domingo Bedolla

Domingo Bedolla


This past Friday we had what we call, a "Shotgun Service". Two messages preached by Two different men. First topic was the issue of being a Martyr. I don't know how more "100", you can get then literally Dying for the Gospel, but, it had everyone thinking. 

"Are you a Real Christian" was the title of the 2nd message. All were asked to keep it "100" and to look in the mirror. For instance...Are you living a counterfeit Christianity?? 

Put it this way, Those who were in attendance were challenged and Blessed by God's word. 

We had a Packed house with a handful of First time visitors, which made the night a true Success!!