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Recap | 03.21.2014

Steve Estrada


What's up everyone!! Pumped about our new Ignite hub, and excited to see how The Lord is going to use this site, to extend the Gospel.

We had an exciting night this past Friday. From Prayer to Worship, you could sense a move of God coming. As the altar call came, there were two who came forward to receive Jesus, but, that was just the beginning. There was a great response to the message, "Freedom Ain't easy... But it can Be".  The narrow path that is spoken of in, Matthew 7: 13-14, was chosen by many. Though the narrow path may be a difficult path at times, it will without a doubt, be the one Worth choosing. As you can see in the Photo above, the altar was filled and lives were encouraged.

Join us this Friday night and come Expecting for the Extraordinary! God Bless.