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Recap | 03.21.2014

Ignite Los Angeles



Hey folks! This is our first Ignite-LA update for the sparkly, new, freshly-launched web hub, ignitemycity! This past Friday night we hosted an awesome special event with some local and Bay area talent! The house was made full by a nice number of first time visitors joining the Ignite body for a night of great music, ministry and fellowship. The Breakroom Band kicked the night off right, followed up by the always steadfast Jesusworshiper. They even dusted off some of their tried and true throwbacks like Wanna Be for those fans that have been around for a while. Yes! For the main course, we had our good friend Transparent hop a plane from the bay to L.A. to close us out with a twofold ministry. As soon as he took center stage, the crowd was moving and shaking. After the beats stopped, we had a beautiful offering of another sort of ministry in the shape of his testimony. We met a young man born and raised in a circumstance and culture that stacked the odds against him there in his homestead of Richmond, CA... this young man turned on the people around him and even on himself, all the while having some lovely family members that did their best to shine God's light and love on him. He was faced in the wrong direction before God gracefully and wonderfully flipped him for the magnification of His own holy name. Publicly giving all glory to God with this personal account of a heavenly Grace brought some of us not only to tears but to our knees. This awesome, numinous adoration incited a renewed gratitude in many and, most importantly, birthed several new creations in the Lord's Kingdom! 

We want to give thanks to those who generously shared their gift of music and song and of course any and every one of you who attended... Until next week!