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Welcome To Ignite Los Angeles

Nehemiah Gallardo

Hey guys and girls, we've got big news to share! Since the inception of our Ignite ministry under New Harvest Christian Fellowship, we have seen growth in the birthing of multiple satellite ministries throughout California, and most recently as far as Chicago, IL. 

In order to keep our growing family of believers tightly knit, will serve as the main hub for our multiple ministry campuses. Now in one place, you will be able to quickly find information regarding all locations. Along with the new site will come a more consistent weekly update and recap of services and special events that we host. Social network functions will be available to you ON SITE, so sharing and liking any and all updates with your facebook network or twitter followers will be a breeze. 

We are very excited for this big move because it allows us to serve you better on the web space, and in spreading the Good News we have already received!